Alice Reva Designs

I created Alice Reva Designs in March 2020 because as a freelance theatre maker, I, like so many, had found myself out of work. But the sudden unemployment has resulted in a beautiful passion for natural dyeing, something I’d always wanted to explore, and paired with my sewing skills from a stint as theatre costume maker, a sweet little business was born.

In an effort toward conscious and eco-friendly fashion, I am interested in dyeing natural fabrics using only plants, bugs, bark, seeds, nuts, kitchen scraps and any item found in nature – the way our ancestors dyed fibers thousands of years ago. There’s something magical about going back to these old roots and re-imaging slow fashion, where every garment is made naturally with intent, beauty and an interest in longevity.

Each item in my shop is uniquely and carefully crafted by me in my San Francisco Bay Area garage-turned-studio and tiny kitchen. I use only natural fibers, botanically based dyes and silk, linen, bamboo and cotton to make intentionally crafted goods.