Aquamarine Jewelry Studio

My name is Brooke Glineur and my husband Patrick and I are the owners of

Aquamarine Jewellery Studio. We handmake our jewellery from silver and gold-

Filled wires, fresh water pearls, semi-precious stones and seashells. Our designs are simple and easy to wear everyday and best of all affordable. Our studio Is located in our home in Marin County.

I got my start in jewellery making at a young age. My parents owned a jewellery store in Los Angeles and as a young kid I spent lots of time “helping” out in the store. While in high school I discovered a love of beading and creating unique jewellery for myself and friends. After a detour in the restaurant industry I came back to work in my mothers successful wedding jewellery business. I was a goldsmith in the family business for 3 years where I worked on my bench skills such as sawing, sanding, polishing, soldering and stone setting. I was eager to venture out with my own designs, so with the help and support of my husband we started doing farmers markets and art and wine festivals. We were excited to see that we could support ourselves doing something that we loved and we haven’t looked back. I love being creative, travelling to shows, the camaraderie of the vendor lifestyle and interacting with my customers who are now my friends. We worked very hard to have made a successful business and I am so fortunate to have found a career that I love, and that lets me spend lots of time with my 2 children. Its also rewarding to see how our pieces can make our customers so happy and I am grateful for after 20 years the loyal following we have grown.