Aromatherapy Packs

My name is Nicole and I have hand crafted each item that I offer. Melt the pain away with a relaxing heating pad or relieve your inflammation with an ice pack. I make Aromatherapy Heat or Freeze Packs. These packs can be used hot or cold to give your hard working body a break!

I also make Refresher Essential Oil Sprays, for any occasion! Relax with lavender and release the tension with eucalyptus.

I enjoy creating and being there for my children as much as possible. This is why I’ve created my business and strive to make all natural products. My children love using their Aromatherapy Packs. Anytime a booboo or emotional outburst happens, we soothe with a warm or cold pack.

I feel pleased to offer relief and comfort in the form of my Aromatherapy Packs.