Artisans at Mooseworks

Unique hand-crafted jewelry, utilizing semi-precious, glass, and metal beads, silver, gold-filled, and other metals wire, handmade ring chain, fiber (crochet, micro-macramé, and kumihimo) and precious metal clay.

Artist’s Statement

Color, shape, and texture interest me. I enjoy putting items together in ways that complement and harmonize the individual components into a unique whole. My ideal working environment has all my supplies arrayed around me in easy reach… and then finding surprises: connecting pieces that I would have never thought to put together!

Who am I?

I’ve been a beader and jewelry maker for over 20 years, starting with an idea to make an interesting necklace to hang a Peruvian pendant on and getting lost in jewelry-making from there. I’m always learning new techniques: Precious Metal Clay, kumihimo, crochet with beads, micro-macramé, hand-made ring chain, metalsmithing and incorporate all into my current work.