Like choosing your hat, bag, shoe or any other accessory in your wardrobe, your mark is your new accessory. So why not wear one that represents who you are? They are a reflection of us, our moods and who we are at heart.

At Bottega Boop, our goal is to revision masks from being basic and something you may loathe wearing to being fun, colorful, stylish and even Avant Garde. We have designed masks to be fully functional and comfortable, yet stylish. We want you to leave your home not feel self conscious, but confident and most importantly, safe.

All of our masks are hand cut and sewn, using lightweight materials that make it easy to wear. We have made them with the ability for a custom fit by inserting a flexible, nose wire along with soft adjustable ear bands. It’s about being functional and stylish.

We are helping shape our communities by keeping ourselves safe one mask at a time.