Classy Glass by Sheri

It was a job she loved. For 16 years, Sheri worked as a flight attendant transporting United States military around the globe to dangerous destinations. She knew (hoped) one day, she would celebrate the safe return of the warriors fighting for the red-white-and-blue. As that time approached, she realized she’d need to turn her interests and talents to something new. Sheri was laid off as the military business waned. It gave her time to dedicate to other interests. Like so many things that change our lives, the seed for her new business came along by chance. A friend told her about a stained glass class. Her teacher also taught fused glass jewelry-making. Sheri was intrigued enough to give it a try. Finally, she found what she’d been seeking. Within months, she set up shop in a small studio on the property. She ordered a kiln and lots of ‘product’ and she really set to work. She began experimenting. A perfectionist, her first earrings and pendants didn’t meet her expectations so she turned the kiln back on and did more trial-and-error learning. “There are so many variables that affect the end product – in any sheet of glass there are inconsistencies.” Once she was pleased with her end results, she shared them with family and friends. Their ecstatic responses to the jewelry was the encouragement that made her certain she’d found her “calling.” All of her jewelry is hand-cut using fusible glass and/or dichroic glass. The result when fused is a rainbow of colors – sparkling – that shift with the light, colors that never fade. Sheri’s designs are delicate and sophisticated. After years of traveling into both exotic and dangerous territories, of comforting troops entering the fray, she’s found another job she loves – where she can craft jewelry in a cozy space, listening to music, exploring new designs, discovering the artist within – altogether ‘flying’ in an entirely different way. Written by: Marla Young