Hello! I’m Ashley and I own ‘Dandy Roots’ where I design and create all handmade products. It all started with beeswax candles and a desire to provide goods that are safe for you and safe for the environment. All my products come in ‘Plastic Free’ packaging – satisfying my ‘sustainably focused’ brand value. Did you know? Beeswax will purify the air when you burn it by emitting negative ions. I scent my candles with only essential oils to maintain an organic and plant-based product and a very clean, safe burn for you and the environment. I source my wax locally to support small local farms and I donate a percentage of my profits to a local non profit educating on the benefits of bees! Beyond my candles, I have a small skin care line that is either bee or plant based. My brand is all about ‘Holistic Home & Health’ and within the home category, I make a variety of goods; ceramics, functional home decor, art prints and some jewelry. My booth is truly a wide experience of goods all handmade by myself! I have been building up Dandy Roots for a little over a year now and deeply appreciate the outlet it’s given me to create and share with my community.