Darci Shea Studios

When I was a little girl I lived aboard a sailboat and traveled up and down Central and South America with my family. Through my travels I was inspired by the culture, history, folklore, colors, and the stunning beauty of the nautical world.  I would collect shells and sea glass that I would use to create earrings and necklaces and I would sell them to other sailors while we passed I each other in port. These early experience in creating handcrafted goods was the spark that ignited my creative fire.

I studied children‚Äôs book illustration and metalsmithing at Savannah College of Art and Design in Georgia and cloisonn√© enameling from master enamellist Merry-Lee Rae in  California. My education gave me tools necessary to began crafting handmade pieces of art that combine glass enamel and precious metals into vibrant designs that are timeless and visually narrative.

     While I was honing my craft I was also working as a license boat captain sailing both the East and West coast of the United States and staying connected with my nomadic upbringing. I worked on vessels 20 ft long  up to 100 ft long both in sailing and whale watching while on the weekends I would sell at craft shows my handcrafted enamel jewelry and accessories inspired by my experiences. I would see sunsets, whales breaching, waves crashing and otters swimming and rush to my studio to include these elements in my designs. Now I create my Cloisonn√© products full time and am able to continue sailing and traveling seeking inspiration for my next handmade piece.