DB Designs – Artist Julie Bullock


Julie Bullock is a self-taught artist, who has been painting since 2011. She is an intuitive artist, which means she paints what she feels. In 2013, she ordered some alcohol inks from Amazon, and when they arrived, she noticed the ‘warning flammable’ sticker on the bottles. Being a pyro, she grabbed a piece of glass and wanted to see what would happen if she lit the ink on fire. What happened was magic, and she was hooked. Her art is all one of a kind, as she does not offer prints of her paintings. She believes that she is a one of a kind human, and wants her art to reflect that as well.

In 2016, Julie quit her 9-5 day job, and decided to follow her heart and start her art business journey. She currently travels up and down California, participating in a multitude of events and festivals. She averages 43 festivals each year. She prefers to sell her art this way, instead of online, as she enjoys meeting her customers and making a personal connection. She has sold over 1,000 paintings since 2016

She also paints uniquely designed rocks with the Alcohol Inks. These are not your average painted rock. Her designs are her own, and with the inks, provides an amazing image on the rocks. Each rock also contains a quote on the back, which makes everyone smile.  She has been spotlighted for her rocks in the Rock Painting Guide Blog, along with other Rock Painting sights.