I have been doing art for 5 years. My art is unique, creative and clever. I love the whimsical and I also like to create charming ladies and couples in nature scenes. I use shadow boxes and my own photo’s to create warm and inviting scenes (using driftwood, sea glass etc).

I started my art using feathers almost entirely and created feather designs on handcrafted wood boxes. The wood is from our local orchards here in Butte County (olive, black walnut, apple, cherry etc). I watch the people as they observe my art and I usually see a puzzled look at first that turns into a smile. My owls, raccoons, cats and other creations have hand painted glass eyes that follow you. My newest creations are made with modeling and crackle paste.

Drifters Series: my favorite to create and I would label as my signature art. I use my own photo’s as the backdrop. I balance my driftwood and rocks to make your eyes have a genuine and gentle flow across the frame to see the rest of the subject. I use many different materials found in nature: ocean pebbles, beach glass, driftwood, twigs, pine cones, feathers, obsidian, dried flowers and plants and shells. I have added Wee Drifters which are made from driftwood and clay.


My followers have commented,

RR: “Each time I see your work my heart swells….. absolutely stunning……. I mean this with all my heart”

CW: “This is pure awesomeness! What memories you have of places visited”

JD: “Be still my heart, I luv this!!!! Northern Lights”


I have custom branch wood boxes and wood hearts that bring me repeat customers. These are made as a joint effort by myself and husband

Last year I added alcohol ink and I am in love creating with the ink. I continue to change and evolve as a newer artist. I belong to the Blue Goose Artist Gallery in Chester, Calif.