Friday’s Joy

April Reed has been designing and crafting jewelry since 1965, and sold her first large commission at age 12. She enjoys deconstructing vintage pieces bought at auction—strings of Baltic ambers, Navajo heishe, Mediterranean corals, cultured pearls, Peking glass, etc.—and recombining the beads into wearable World Art. Lately she specializes in vintage and antique corals, the only ethical ones to buy. Global warming, salinization, and over-harvesting have put coral on the brink of extinction, and its value is rising as it becomes a scarcity. While Mediterranean red coral is selling as high as $1K a gram, April believes everyone should be able to own something beautiful, and strives to keep her creations affordable. And her works do no harm to the sea today. April’s jewelry is featured on, and she has her own shop at .

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