Georgygirl Boutique

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Georgygirl Boutique
846 Tampico St
Walnut Creek, CA 94598


We started Georgygirl in 1992 to make quality products for dogs and their owners in the USA. Fashion meets function, quality and comfort. We spent several years working on developing quality harnesses and dog apparel that represent good design, comfort and products that we wanted to have our dogs wear. We have applied for a design patent for the dog harnesses. The harnesses have interchangeable conchos all designed and applied by us.

Leather Harnesses & Accessories: Our leather harnesses are all made here in California. We add new collections and colors each year and continue to source quality materials. We make matching leather cuffs for dog owners, collars and matching leashes. We have been making leather harnesses for the 50 lb. and under dogs for many years; this year we will finally be introducing larger sizes.

Dog Clothing: We use cotton spandex and cotton fleece clothing and make decorated dog tank tops, vests and hoodies. The decorations are all designed and added to the garments by us using a hot press. The line is well designed, taking into consideration comfort, fit, durability, and ease of putting on the dog. One of our new lines are fleece vests with reflective stripes that show up for night walks.

Community Involvement: Georgygirl supports many animal causes in the local community. Every year we do the ARF Walk event on Broadway to benefit Tony La Russa’s ARF organization; we have done several events and donate every year to support Sherry Jeffries’ Muttville in San Francisco (shelter and placement for all older dogs), and regularly donate to Lindsey Wildlife Museum.