In 1973 Michael Lingg, Bruce Johnson, and Patrick Durr got together “to play a little music for the summer.” Forty-seven years later the Home Grown trio is still focused on acoustic instruments and tight harmonies, enjoying the music of various decades and genre. Their original songs reflect the energy and positive attitudes that have transformed three friends into musical brothers.

Home Grown has performed in intimate clubs and large venues throughout the western states and internationally. They have four albums available, including                       A Home Grown Christmas, and they are currently completing a collection of all-original material. The Home Grown song “You Can Fly” was the soundtrack for the first place City Video on the Arts & Entertainment network.  

Michael, Bruce, and Patrick admire the music of the Beatles, Crosby, Stills, & Nash, and The Eagles. With these influences and their respect for all musical styles, Home Grown has developed a unique sound of intricate acoustic instruments and powerful vocals.