JEEBA Jewelry

JEEBA is an Australian Aboriginal word meaning, “Let’s get together and have fun!” JEEBA was established in Melbourne, Australia in 1983. Our designs reflect the Art Nouveau movement of Australiana which is inspired by indigenous organic shapes. Our jewelry line is created in sterling silver combined with semi-precious gemstones and cultured pearls. JEEBA is a contemporary collection and is limited to our own production. We have been making jewelry for over 35 years and have an extensive collection of original components to work with. Each component originates from wax, wire or metal. Sometimes parts of vintage pieces have been intergraded into the design. We then make lost wax castings in sterling of our original finished component.  Jason hand makes all earring hooks from silver wire and creates each individual earring & necklace set. Our customers appreciate that we resize any ring for a custom fit. We buy stones, beads and pearls from around the world. Our work is guaranteed to be of exceptional quality.

Our customers collect JEEBA Jewelry and tend to shop at several events each year. It gives us great pleasure when they appreciate the time and effort that goes into each finished item. We strive for each customer to enjoy the personal attention we extend and look forward to seeing them again at the next event.