Jill King’s inspirations come from natural objects and crystals with her eclectic mix of art creations. In her prior professional life she was an Art Educator in the public schools and enjoyed trying out new mediums with her students.  One of her passions is assisting clients with visual journaling workshops known as “Art as Therapy”.  Jill feels that art is an important tool to heal the body, mind and spirit.

While experiencing her personal healing journey, she searched for different platforms to assist in her well-being.  Through this, she learned about the world of crystals and became a certified crystal healer, reiki master and gemologist.  She creates crystal grids and enjoys educating others on how to utilize them for healing and manifesting.  Another passion is making unique one of a kind jewelry using crystals, natural objects, repurposing and recycling pieces.  Jill is always creating something new to add to her collection such as offering original paintings, prints and photography.