john f hunter photography

My life revolves around photography in any way, shape or form. It took a few years before I found a profession that I absolutely love !

I am known for my work with marine mammals however I have become diversified over the years including events, real estate and landscape . I love being around and or being on the ocean, photographing, tracking and protecting animals anyway I can.  I work as a spotter on Sanctuary Whale tours and have several friends with boats, we love being on the ocean exploring and discovering !
We call it water therapy. LOL Excellent, healthy reality escape..

I am honored to have won the following awards considering how many amazing photographers there are in Santa Cruz County !

I won ” good times runner up best of 2014 ”
Also “best of Good Times 2015 ”
Also, ” best of runner up 2016 ‘

Have fun out there !
Thanks for checking out my work !