KittyWeed┬« had the kind of humble beginning typical of companies that make products they love, for someone they love. Keith Graves and Catherine “Cat” Lewis founded KittyWeed┬« in the Spring of 2015 while sitting in their living room watching their cats playing. They both noticed the cats rolling and frolicking happily with just a single sprig of catnip. Laughing and joking Keith and Cat decided their cats were enjoying
their own “kitty weed”.  A half dozen “kitty weed” jokes later, they looked at each other and said in unison: 

“Why don’t we make our own catnip toy and call it KittyWeed?” Thus starting with the very first and every subsequent handmade Big Fatty
┬« catnip toy, KittyWeed┬« was born in the beautiful seaside city of Santa Cruz, California.