“At Leaf Motif, we are more than inspired by Nature, we are compelled. Compelled to seek, ponder, create, showcase and share the beauty that is abundant in natural forms.”

Nature’s humble ubiquitous leaf became the portal through which artists Catherine and Ovie Cowles express their vision.  Their ode to Nature includes Catherine’s multi-leaf original collages and monoprints, along with Ovie’s photographic collages in Leaf Motif’s eKandle Kuffs™, sconces, and occasional lamps; along with “fresh collage” giclée prints highlighting natural materials against rich matte black backgrounds.

“For us, the artistic process begins at a juncture of chaos, frustration and creativity. Our process endeavors to balance these forces until they yield an engaged and engaging piece that resonates with Nature’s original presentation; while inviting the beholder to engage its magic again and again.”