Lisa Grant Designs

I come from a background of graphic art and design, which started when I was in high school, but I am self-taught when it comes to metalsmithing, woodworking, and working with resin.

Working with metal began as a fun hobby, but quickly turned into a passion. Much of the inspiration for my work comes from the diversity of landscape, from the ocean to the Sierras, of living in California.

Whenever possible, I like to use repurposed materials in my work because they bring history, or stories, to the pieces that I create.  Certain processes used on metals are a direct reflection of atmospheric conditions, and because of this, no two pieces are the same.  When resin is added to ground metal, amazing depth is achieved, and when the light hits this art, it explodes with texture.

My wall art as well as my yard art and home décor pieces have their own rustic and homey quality.  Statement piece, fun and fancy piece, or edgy and raw piece…each has a story to tell.