Mosaic Home Decor

My name is Olga.  I was born and raised in the very beautiful city of Saint Petersburg, Russia . I have always had an interest in the artistic side of life.  I immigrated to San Jose, California in 2004. Like many artists, I’ve experimented with many different mediums.  I  began making mosaics in 2007 , I knew I had found the art form that best relates to my artistic sensibilities. The infinite range of colors and textures of glass provide me with endless possibilities.

Techique : My Mosaic all constructed on wooden bases (mainly lightweight plywood), making them versatile, easily exhibited art works. I incorporate varies materials  like stained glass, stones , sea shells, recycle china, bids, ceramics and clay. My ideas are sketched on a framed wooden base, painted and cowered with mosaics of endless  possibilities. I developed my own techniques working without grout.