Keith Robbins first began hand-crafting wooden toys in 2011 when he noticed there was nothing for children to buy or play with at craft shows. He designs the little cars, trucks, trailers, planes, helicopters and trains to accommodate children. They are all very durable and can survive even the most destructive of youngsters. With a large round hole in each one they can be grasped easily and firmly. Each wheel is hand-crafted as well, something very rare in woodworking of toy vehicles today.

Mother Lode Toys are made from reclaimed pine planks that were destined for the burner at a local mill. The lumber is then repurposed as fun and very sturdy toys. Mother Lode Toys are also “Grandchild approved”. Keith uses Minwax brand wood stain that is non-toxic when cured. His own grandchildren have been playing with them since they were old enough to hold them in their little hands.

Keith’s toys are collected by “kids” of all ages. Our collectors have learned by experience that they have to buy one for each child/grandchild plus one to display on a shelf. You can’t just “not” play with Mother Lode Toys.