Olive Truck

As you know, olive oil is actually a fruit juice and has many health benefits thanks to the antioxidants (polyphenols) found in it. However, to achieve the highest antioxidant content, olives should be pressed and turned into olive oil as early as possible, ideally in minutes, after the harvest. 

Unfortunately, that’s not the case in most of the olive groves. Usually, olives are harvested and moved to a mill to be pressed within 12-24 hours at best or even later. As a result, the final product olive oil loses most of its antioxidants as well as the flavor, along with the rising acidity.

This is where we came into the picture and changed the game; we have created a mobile olive oil milling factory and assembled it on a truck then started to drive into the groves of California to produce the freshest, most delicious, and the highest antioxidant-containing extra virgin olive oils of the world.

Our state of art mobile mill is fully equipped with an olive processor from Italy and lets us press up to 500kg of olives per hour, and ultimately, within seconds, delivers the freshest, finest and highest in polyphenol antioxidants extra-virgin olive oil. 

Our Olive Truck, allows us to cold-press and bottle within an hour of harvesting, thus capturing the true essence of the flavor and preserving all the nutrients.”

We had a great harvest season and swept almost all the best awards from the most prestigious olive oil competitions such as NY and LA International Olive Oil Competitions, the largest and most prestigious ones. We received a Best of Show, 2 Best of Class, and 2 Gold Medals from LA, and 3 Gold Medals from NY, the highest awards given during these competitions. We also received Best of California and Best of Class from the CA State Fair and Gold Award from California Olive Oil Council (COOC) Extra Virgin Olive Oil Competitions.