Pence Animal Sculptures

Talent creativity and the love of animals goes into each of my one-of-a-kind hand- sculpted originals. I start with an idea, then a ball of clay, and go from there. Once dried in the sun, they are kiln fired , glazed then kiln fired once again to completion.

I love working in Clay, to me, working and Clay is a physical sensual and mental experience. It allows me to step out of the every day chaos into a world of Zen and meditation. My adult playground.

Every fingerprint intentional or unintentional that I leave means a part of me is forever connected to every piece I make.
when I touch Clay, I am interacting with the earth, making a connection, building a relationship with something that’s millions of years old. Creating something that has never been created before.

Long after I leave this earth, a part of me will still be here. In the last 40 years I have made over 50,000 pieces. That’s a lot of little clay animals left behind, still making people smile. My purpose in life… I’m good with that!