Primo’s Gourmet Food

Gary Riccomi, Primo’s grandson, was profoundly influenced by his Italian-American family.  He has fond memories that center around the principle of Primo’s Gourmet Food Company; “A timeless tradition of family recipes”.  Family, food, friends and great memories around the dinner table were indelible impressions which were assimilated into Gary’s adult life.  It is hard not to imagine the imprint of homemade ravioli, succulent cacciatore, or ( elaborate for the time) sea bass with polenta.  For Christmas, the tradition was always porpeta – hand-crafted breaded Tuscan meatballs.  Gary can still taste the tender ground meat, spinach and Parmesan.

When Gary founded Primo’s Gourmet Food in 1999, he was already a spice hobbyist, developing mixtures that would work well with his favorite kitchen toy at the time, a dehydrator.  With garlic as his choice pet ingredient, he loved working to develop and balance flavors.  Spices, seasoning, rubs, and dip mixes are still a cornerstone of Primo’s fine offerings, and garlic…  Well, it is in just about each and every one of Primo’s over 60 incredible food creations.

Gary has found it easy to take his grandfather’s legacy and translate it into today’s desire for quality handcrafted food products.  Primo Riccomi shared from his small San Francisco garden.  Gary Riccomi shares from California’s magnificent ample garden.  It is a timeless tradition.

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