Smokin Hot Meats n Treats

About Us
What happens when BBQ meets cookies? You get—- Smokin Hot Meats n Treats, of course!
Some of the best food you will ever try is right here! From the BBQ world to the Treat world and even a few things in between and after! We aim to please—and by treating all of our clients the same way we expect to be treated lets us know we offer the best! From your initial call, it will be evident the passion we feel with each and every event we do-albeit your lunch served at a food truck fair or an event we cater to help celebrate the next important step in your life. With every experienced team member that you work with-that same passion will shine through—we promise!
Due to the nature of our business, we are able to meet the needs of the most challenging events presented. We are a mobile food facility, that is a fully-equipped commercial kitchen-that allows us the flexibility to adjust to the needs of our clientele when necessary. Whether we come to your event or you come to us is completely up to your specific need. We are able to offer from a fully catered event to just having lunch at your local food truck fair. Our Pit-Masters, Chefs and extremely knowledgeable team members will work with every client on a one-to-one basis until every event/meal is planned to their expectations. So whether you are looking for a caterer for your next corporate event, or a parent looking to rock your child’s world with the best graduation party, birthday party or even just a back-yard BBQ, we would love to have the opportunity to quote your needs. If all you are looking for, is an awesome lunch, follow us on our social media to know where you will be able to find us next.

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