Smokin Mary

Smokin’ Mary is a true foodie product that is hickory smoked and made with Fresh crushed Tomatoes, Fresh Lemon & Lime juices and Freshly made Horseradish. The original formulation went through numerous tastings and improvements before we felt it was superior and ready for use as a “hand-crafted cocktail in a bottle”. With a thicker tomato consistency than a conventional commercial mix, a single bottle of Smokin’ Mary makes about 6 full-strength cocktails. The formula is hearty and stands up to ice. (And who really likes a watered-down Bloody Mary?) A Bloody Mary made with many standard consumer mixes quickly become thin and watery. This happens because most if not all others are using a re-constituted tomato juice. We use all the pulp of the produce in our mix and the pulp holds all the flavors. And, as you’re drinking a Smokin’ Mary beverage and the ice melts, the beverage only gets better. Especially as a brunch cocktail, Smokin’ Mary is great served with a thick slice of crispy bacon and a thin-sliced celery stalk. It goes well with many spirits including Vodka, Whiskey, Bourbon, Gin, Tequila (I like it with a splash of orange juice), Rum, Lighter beers and white or sparkling wines. Sounds crazy and it is…crazy good!

Additionally, Smokin’ Mary is getting rave reviews as a cooking ingredient. Some suggestions from our fans include Smokin’ Mary as a marinade, baked on ribs, oysters on the half shell, shrimp cocktail and as a base for chili. We currently have 60 recipes in our recipe book that is available for download on our website from appetizers to entrees to cocktails and everything in between.

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