Stay Cool Ice Cream Truck

Hi my name is Casey Cowden and my partner and I are the  proud owners of  a new business we started recently, the Stay Cool Ice Cream Truck here in our home town Santa Cruz. We have poured our heart and soul into this truck In the last six months rebuilding it from the floor up inside/out not to mention the business licenses and health permit that allows us to operate legally in Santa Cruz County.
We have brought back the old school Ice cream truck that you’d see driving the neighborhoods playing that classic tune people recognized and would come running out to screaming ice cream, so we have that old school classic menu except this time we took it a few steps further by teaming up with Mariannes ice cream that could be delivered to your door step by a simple phone call, we are also serving pure Açaí that we scoop into our waffle bowls with organic fruits and granola, so that being said we are now trying to filling up our schedule with the right places we think could work for us If we are not at a birthday party and or an event then you would probably be seeing us driving the streets playing that tune and selling on the streets.  This summer we came across your events online and also driving by Steemer Lane we have seen the food trucks out there on the weekends so we thought we’d reach out to you guys To see if we could come join the fun And see how it goes!

Our Menu