The Pour House

‘The Pour House’ has evolved from a ‘covid’ pastime to an art passion with works on display in a Carmel gallery.  We are a senior couple with the desire to always be learning, exploring, experimenting, and creating.  We came upon the abstract art form of ‘Fluid Art’ or ‘Pour Painting’ in 2020. 

You can create beautiful art even if you can’t draw.  Fluid/Pour Art is not fine art, and each piece is completely unpredictable.  There are countless techniques in Pour Art and each technique requires certain paints, additives (or paint mediums), different paint consistencies, tools and aids, and even certain weather conditions.  This art form also requires patience, presents challenges and experimentation as if in a science lab.  In the end, the reality is that the paint is really in control.  Each piece is completely unique and literally can never be duplicated.  Once painted, the paints cure for at least 3-4 weeks before the final seal coats may be applied. 

Before the final sealing process, each piece develops its own character and ‘tells’ us what it wants to be.  At that point, we may embellish the piece to help create its story, or simply leave it as an abstract, because that is what it wanted to be.

We look forward to meeting you, chatting with you about the process and hopefully you will enjoy the uniqueness of each piece.

Tim & Linda