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Having a background in visual and performing arts, I began to earnestly explore the medium of weaving in 2004 with the purchase of my first floor loom.  As a child I used to accompany my grandmother to the basement of JC Penney where I could run my hand over bolt after bolt of woolens, cottons, and sateens.  Exploring the intricacies of color and texture was an endless adventure in that sea of fabric!

Now I am a weaver who delights in looking at cones of thread to wonder what creative path I will take to make something wonderful.  How will all these singular threads of varying color, texture, and fiber become a whole under the guidance of my thought and hands?  And, perhaps most importantly, will I be able to communicate the magic of the adventure to the curious eye of the customer?  This has kept me going through the frustrations and faux pas while learning the craft of weaving.  This has become my lifelong journey.