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Welcome to Brothers Promotions!

Santa Cruz Festivals and Events

Santa Cruz Food Truck Summer Series

August 16, September 27,

Downtown Santa Cruz, 5:00-9:00 pm

Join us for an exciting, new addition to Downtown Santa Cruz, a Food Truck Street Fair. There will be music, local artisans, family fun activities, and of course FOOD TRUCKS!!! The fun will be located on  Pacific Avenue between Walnut Ave and Church Streets. (NEW LOCATION ON PACIFIC)

Food Trucks: Drunk Monkey, Nomad Momo, Rogue Pye, Scrumptious Fish and Chips, Shockwave and Union Foodie Truck.


August 16

Music by Sasha's Money Band ,Devil Sliders and The Cement Ship


September 27

Music by Singing Wood Marimba Band and The Cement Ship


Each month will showcase local artisans, dance troupes, local bands and musicians. This will be a family friendly event with fun and games for the kids.

So come out, BRING YOUR FAMILY & FRIENDS, enjoy, and have FUN... every month from June-October!

The Food Truck Summer Series is a Brothers Promotions Event and sponsored by

Santa Cruz County Bank.






Photo Gallery Food Truck Summer Series

About Us

Hi, I'm Kathryn. I have been a professional vendor for over 28 years, selling jewelry, and have experienced the good and the bad in all manners of public events such as street fairs, beer festivals, car shows, holiday markets, etc. I have experienced that the difference between a good and a bad show is a promoter who cares about the vendors success while ensuring the public enjoys the event. I know what it takes to create a good experience for all!

Brothers Promotions is all about fun. The company is named after my 2 year old Labrador, Max, and his half-brother Wilson (born within a month of each other) who lives with his family nearby. The boys, or "brothers", as we call them, turn every occasion into a fun one. From romping at the beach, playing tug of war in the backyard, watching the grass grow from the deck, or keeping the family company as they cook in the kitchen, for them, it’s always about fun! So I have taken their example as one of my missions, to create fun for those around me at every possible opportunity.

My commitment, for Brothers Promotions, is to create fun events that people love to attend, with the quality vendors, great food and beverage, in a supportive and organized environment to ensure the vendors success while the attendees have a fun and memorable experience.

So let's make the boys proud...attend, work, play, participate, offer your lovely items to the public, and have FUN!

Kathryn Walsh

the boys

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